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Top 5 Portable Air Compressors of 2013

Today, we are going to present you the top 5 portable air compressors of the year. The ranking is based on the price, quality of design, usability and warranty provided by the manufacturers. 1)      Black & Decker ASI 300 Air Station Inflator The Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station is at the top of the list. Let’s have a look at some of... Read more!

How to Choose the Best Portable Air Compressor For Car

Thinking of buying a portable air compressor for car? Good decision you have made…It is indeed a necessary tool you need to have in your car. It can make a huge difference especially when you are travelling.  Well, when it comes to choosing the best one, of course everybody finds it difficult to pick the one which will give the optimum performance. You... Read more!

Portable Air Compressors

Portable Air Compressors work by packing amounts of air and storing them under pressure; this air then becomes a useful source for pumping air into any object, whether it is commercial or at home. Air can be filled into all kinds of vehicle tires, water floating rafts, sports balls and other inflatable objects. These air compressors are convenient because... Read more!

Latest Portable Air Compressor Reviews

VIAIR 450P Portable Compressor Review

If you are looking for a durable air inflator that allows you to fill tires without any waiting time in between every fill, then Viair 450P automatic portable air compressor is the solution. Yes, it is a 100% duty cycle air inflator. It can operate at up to 150 PSI without the need to rest in between, pretty good feature when you are in hurry. VIAIR... Read more!

Slime 40026 2X Direct Drive Tire Inflator Review

If rapid tire inflation is your need, then Slime 40026 2x portable air compressor is the right one for you. The Slime 40026 2x is a double cylinder powered air compressor which enables you to fill a truck tire in just 2 minutes. The inline dial pressure gauge is another interesting aspect of this portable inflator. It uses direct battery connection... Read more!

Black & Decker ASI500 12Volt Cordless Air Station Inflator Review

If you are looking for a high performance cordless inflator, then Black & Decker ASI500 may be the best air compressor you can have. The 12 volt battery powered portable air compressor can be used anywhere you want once it is fully charged. You can use this piece of innovation to inflate anything. It is one of the most versatile air compressors... Read more!

Makita Big Bore 2.0 HP Air-Compressor Review

Looking for a heavy bore design portable air compressor?  The Makita Big Bore 2.0 HP Air-Compressor may be the suitable choice. The Makita MAC700 2HP – constructed with cast-iron pump – works with large bore cylinder-piston to give high performance. Equipped with low-sound working system (80 decibels) – high performance pump – 1720 Rpm with... Read more!

Bon-Aire DD12 12-Volt Professional Direct Drive Tire Inflator Review

Looking for a portable air compressor – the Bon-Aire DD12 Direct-Drive inflator with efficient performance may be the ideal choice. The Bon-Aire DD12 – powered by inbuilt 12 Volt battery – inflates 14 inch vehicle tires within 1.5 minutes. Equipped with inbuilt accurate user-friendly pressure reading gauge – 30 Amp safe fuse cable – direct-drive... Read more!

Black & Decker VEC026BD 400 Jump-Starter Portable Built-In Air Compressor Review

Searching for a good portable air compressor with jump-start system – the  Black & Decker VEC026BD may be convenient for your purpose. The Black & Decker VEC026BD – 450 Amps instant Jump-start system with inbuilt air compressor – inbuilt AC-charger (120Volt) – compatible with normal home extension cords is perfect for starting dead... Read more!

Schumacher IP-1875C Instant Power with Air Compressor Review

Looking for a powerful portable air compressor – the Schumacher IP-1875C might be a suitable model. The instant power IP-1875C by Schumacher powered by 18 Amp – 12 Volt DC battery – is powerful enough to handle all road and home situations. The Schumacher IP-1875C with inbuilt charger – powerful LED illuminator for night visibility –intense... Read more!

Bon-Aire BA121L 120V Air Compressor Review

Looking for an effective portable design air compressor – the Bon-Aire BA121L tire inflator may be the ideal choice. The Bon-Aire BA121L – 120 Volt tire inflator – powered by 2/3 Horse-Power motor with effective cooling system is convenient for filling air into all types of tires – air mattresses – rafts and much more. The Bon-Aire BA121L... Read more!

PowerStation PSX-2 Hi-Power 1000 Peak Amp Jump starter Air Compressor Review

Looking for a powerful air compressor with Jump starting system – the PowerStation PSX-2 Hi-Power air compressor with Jump-starter may be the perfect buy. The PowerStation PSX-2 – rugged construction – backed by built in 1000 Amp Hi-Current EHP Battery – instant Jump-starting system works well with all vehicles during road emergencies and normal... Read more!

Wagan EL2050 Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor Review

Wanting to buy a versatile design portable air compressor – the Wagan EL2050 heavy duty constructed may be the ideal choice. The Wagan EL2050 – quick filling tire inflator – heavy-duty carry handle & head protection – protected from overheating is a light-weight portable model suitable for road and home use. The Wagan EL2050 air compressor... Read more!

Black & Decker JUS500IB 500-Amp Jump Starter with Built-in Tire Inflator Review

Searching for an air compressor with Jump-start system – the Black & Decker 500 Amp Jump-starter and inbuilt air inflator may be the perfect model. The Black & Decker JUS500IB Jump starter – air compressor with versatile inflating features for all vehicle-tires – sports balls – mattresses – rafts and much more is a portable handy power... Read more!